Fractal is a full-service digital communications firm. Everything we do is grounded in strategy and focused on providing our clients measureable return-on-investment. We like to work with small-to-medium sized businesses to help them build sustainable marketing programs that continuously improve. We help our clients with:

  • Increasing Sales
  • Lead Generation
  • Building Brand Equity
  • Acquiring and Retaining Customers
  • Improving Marketing Return-on-Investment

Why Are We Called Fractal?

A fractal is a natural phenomena that exhibits a repeating pattern at any scale or level of detail. We think marketing works a lot like this. A good marketing program is rooted in an understanding of the bigger picture, but can operate and return results at any scale.

More information about how we do things and who we are can be found below. 

Our Approach

Fractal builds scalable marketing solutions that will help you grow your business right out of the gate. Opportunity is everywhere. But with limited resources, how do you know what to prioritize?

There’s a million tactics and tools you can use to meet your objectives. We analyze your business to build the right balance to help you incrementally meet your goals in a measurable way.

The 5-Point Fractal

Regardless of what services you’re looking for, we do our best to situate your needs against all your potential marketing opportunities, business needs and operational limitations. We use a 5-step approach to build your marketing solutions.


The 5-points we work with you to develop are:

  1. Business Intelligence:

    Your Needs, Your Goals, Your Market Landscape

  2. Market Intelligence:

    Your Value Proposition, Key Differentiators & Customer Needs

  3. Your Marketing Map:

    Understand Your Tactical Opportunities & How They Fit Together

  4. Channel Setup & Training:

    Building Your Marketing Infrastructure and Teaching You How to Use It

  5. Campaigns, Reporting & Improvement:

    Outbound Content Marketing, Social Media, Advertising and Reporting for Continuous Improvement

Our Difference

Big agencies charge you through the nose for high-level strategy divorced from tactics and implementation.

Small shops tend to specialize in single tactics and cause you to miss multi-channel opportunities.

Fractal connects the dots for you. We provide you with a macroscopic view of your business needs and multi-channel marketing opportunities, then follow through to implement, train, execute, monitor, measure and optimize.

Our Services

We’re a full-service marketing firm, with a strong focus on:

  1. Multi Channel Digital Strategy
  2. Branding
  3. Customer Profiling
  4. Web Design & Development
  5. Mobile Optimization and App Development
  6. Search Engine Optimization
  7. Content Marketing
  8. Digital Advertising on Facebook, Google AdWords, Google AdSense & LinkedIN
  9. Retargeting
  10. Social Media Organic
  11. Analytics
  12. Custom Technology Partnerships: Sometimes you need something that doesn’t exist. Maybe it’s an inventory tool? Maybe it’s an aggregator? Maybe it’s a CRM app? Chances are, if you need it, someone else does too. Let’s talk. We’re interested in partnering with clients to build new, useful technology.

The Team

Critical Thinkers. Award-Winning Achievers. Polymaths. That’s our team. Everyone at Fractal has a single speciality but can do a little bit of everything. Everyone at Fractal understands that successful marketing involves a dynamic interplay between tactics. There are no silos at Fractal. Everyone understands that the piece they are working on is part of a bigger picture. And as such, everything should be complimentary, connected, and fluid. Tactics are touchpoints, your brand is something larger, that lives in the experience of your customers, beyond any single touchpoint.

Ali Rahman

President, Lead Strategist

Ali is a digital marketer with 15 years experience under his belt. Early in his career, he shifted from content creator to digital strategist. He combines agency, client side and tech-entrepreneurial experience. He led the development of large scale digital infrastructure and social marketing campaigns for Ontario’s Ministry of Health. He sits on the digital advisory board for the Canadian Association for Assisted Living and Mind Your Mind.

Ali focuses on tying innovation to real business needs. He’ll help you break new ground without breaking the bank.

Martin Horn

Vice-President, Digital Advertising & Technology

Martin Horn is an algorithmic thinker and entrepreneur with strong ties to Canada’s cultural industry. Over the last several years, Martin has built a freelance practice supplying innovative digital advertising services to small businesses and artists. Martin knows that a small, smart, highly targeted investment in advertising can go a long way in nudging consumers closer to real conversions. His experience in journalism also informs his approach to content marketing and its relationship to advertising.

Martin will make sure you’re content aligns with your advertising needs. He’ll set you up with highly measurable, intuitive campaigns on Google AdWords, AdSense, Facebook, LinkedIn as well as retargeting campaigns on those channels.

Martin also brings a broad understanding of technology frameworks to the table, and can help you translate business needs into technology solutions.

Laura Edell

User-Experience Lead

Laura Edell has extensive experience building cross-channel digital experiences for users that are highly measurable and conversion focused. She’s worked with big brands like Toyota, The Ontario Government and Ontario Power Generation as well as small boutique brands like The Angry Farmer.

Laura connects the dots between channels and specializes in simplifying every interaction your users need to make so each click drives them closer to conversion.

Isabelle Paradis

Art Director

Isabelle is classically trained: an arts student who evolved over time to become a well-respected graphic and web designer. Her arts background informs her emphasis on visual language and iconography, while her extensive experience in web design allow her to integrate those concepts seamlessly into interactive environments. She has extensive experience in branding, visual identity, and web design for the arts and gaming industries.

Zain Rahman

Web Designer

10 years ago, Zain transitioned from graphic designer to front-end developer. He’s worked with top agencies in Toronto leading web implementations for their B2C clients including Absolut Vodka, Adidas, and HBO. Even as a team lead, he could most often be found hand coding solutions, using a mix of technology including HTML, JavaScript and PHP.

Zain keeps the ‘design’ in ‘web design’. He’ll make sure your implementations look good and work well.

Christine Shimoda

Research Lead

Christine is a market research strategist with 17 years + experience. A seasoned quantitative and qualitative researcher and facilitator, she uses consumer insights, user input and co-creation methodologies to help organizations design solutions, elevate ideas and make decisions with confidence. Christine provides a full range of services in the categories of research execution and management, insights strategies and assets, and coaching and training. Her expertise in why and how organization need, can obtain, and use consumer insights through research helps clients uncover and translate insights into high impact strategies, services and communications.

Christine is known for keeping her eyes fixed on the “so what? now what?” aspects of the marketing process. She’ll make sure that the insights we glean for your brand don’t just hang in there but turn into real actions.

Omar Rahman

Front End Developer

Omar is a web developer with a strong focus on custom B2B platforms and services. He’s worked extensively with the telecom industry to build custom portals for customers and employees. He knows how to project manage big builds, he knows how to scope them and he also knows how to execute them. He’s experienced with a variety of web frameworks and content management systems, especially those clustered around PHP, Javascript and Python. He’s also really good at customizing WordPress and Drupal to suit your operational needs.

Omar will make sure the core technology underpinning your web properties is solid, scalable and efficient. Most importantly, his CSS skills will ensure that you’re 100% mobile-optimized.

Martin McEwen

Business Advisor

Martin is a seasoned business executive about to get his CPA. He’s worked with global brands to build growth strategies that are intrinsically tied to ROI. Martin understands the value and limits of marketing. His background in accounting also allow him to determine how to optimize costs.

Martin will make sure your growth plans are sound and that any opportunities you have to write off marketing costs against taxes are available to you.



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